Auckland based residential earthworks. 


Here at Oxen Earthworks we dig dirt. Like, really dig it.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being Auckland’s one-stop-shop for residential earthworks.

We break ground from North West to Central Auckland, and the North Shore to Rodney, with our top of the line fleet of excavators, trucks and compactors. With accurate quoting and a team hungry to deliver fast, quality results we can help with all earthwork and landscaping projects from start to completion. If your earth needs some work, give us a call.

Earthworks Auckland


We provide complete earthwork services from breaking ground through to laying the last path for new residential and low-density commercial builds. With accurate quoting we plan every step with you, then work alongside your other tradesmen to quickly deliver quality results.

Access Ways

We create access ways to allow workers and vehicles safe and easy access to the building site. At the end of a project, we’ll create any pathways required to finish your build.

Clearing & Shaping

We prepare the entire site for work to begin clearing the worksite of any obstacles and starting to shape the land to suit the upcoming build.

Site Cuts & Building Platform Prep

We cut, prep, and truck out the excess spoil. We then prepare the building platform by laying and compacting metal.


We carry out complete retaining projects from drilling the holes, putting in the posts to finishing the boards and capping. Plus, we also do fencing.


We provide a full range of services for foundation work, including; footings, pile foundations, drilling and leveling earth.

Finishing Work / Landscaping

We provide a full range of landscaping and finishing work, including; pools, lawns, gardens, end of job detailing, paths and driveways.


Our top of the line fleet of small, medium and large diggers and trucks is tailored to ensure we have the right tools for any job. We take pride in all our equipment, keeping it maintained to the highest standard with regular checks and servicing.

Komatsu 15

Weight: 15,000kgs
Width: 2490mm
Height: 2815mm

Komatsu 8.5

Weight: 8,500kgs
Width: 2330mm
Height: 2760mm

Bobcat 2

Weight: 2000kgs
Width: 920mm
Height: 2300mm


Payload: 10.5ton
Width: 2500mm
Height: 3000mm


Payload: 6ton
Width: 2360mm
Height: 2600mm


Payload: 3ton
Width: 1800mm
Height: 2100mm

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